Iris Institute provides lifelong learning through consultations and individualized study.

Consultations or individualized explorations can be scheduled at any time. Learning can be tailored to individual schedules and special areas of interest.

Institute learning is applicable to all areas of life, from personal development to health, organizational transformation, sustainability, education, spirituality, creative arts, and social service.

The Institute provides consultations in the following topics, as well as individualized study in specialized topics. Webinars and seminars are also available in many of the same topics.For more inforation contact the Institute


The Art and Architecture of Consciousness
Energy, Integrity and Eternity
Connection, Communication, Creation and Communion
Consciousness, Cosmology and the Architecture of Space
Creative and Visionary Processes
Creative Awareness, Creative Healing
Relationship, Patterns and Cosmological Dynamics
Dreams, Death and the Divine
Evolutionary Aesthetics: Education, Imagination and Social Transformation
Subtle Energy Systems
Teachings on Nondual Awareness
Awareness and the Afterlife
Women, Wisdom and the World
Introduction to Integral Studies
Integral Perspectives on Health
Paradigms of Health and Disease
Psychology of Shamanism
The Study of Eastern and Western Religions: Metaphysics and Healing
The Study of Eastern and Western Religions: Philosophy and Ethics
Karma, Reincarnation and Consciousness
Toward a Superconsciousness
Independent Study: Out of Body Experiences: A Practical Exploration
Independent Study: A Qualitative Exploration of the Psychophysiological Effects of Crystals
Directed Study: Wellness and Aesthetics
Organizational Development and Transformation: History and Theory
Evolutionary Aesthetics and the Dynamics of Change
Organizational Ethics
Cross-Cultural Cosmologies and Approaches
Spiritual Processes in the Workplace
Communication, Consultation, and Organizational Facilitation
Organizational and Community Psychology
Organizational and Personal Transformation
Social Intuition
Literature Survey
Integral Energy
Consciousness, Cosmologies, and the Energy of Space
Sensitivity and the Sublime
Subtle Body and the Rainbow Lights
Research, Writing and Mentorship
Research Methodology
Internship and Practical Application
Dissertation Research
Dissertation Methodology Review
Thesis Proposal

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