Self Reflective Dialogue is a form of interactive meditation and self-organized participation informed by Bohmian Dialogue, Nonviolent Communication, nondual approaches, and self-reflective processes, that deepens awareness and communication and establishes a foundation of deep listening and compassionate communication for participatory and self-organized approaches to living and learning.


Engaged Economics refers to a collaborative process of reciprocity in which those involved determine a form of exchange based on their unique capacity to give and receive. It involves participatory and consensual forms, processes, and rates of exchange including standard currency, alternative currency, sliding scale, pay-as-you-can, pay-it-forward, barter, trade, time-for-services, time exchange, work exchange, gift economy, donation, and any other creative form of consensual and collaborative exchange. 


Organizational Dynamics supports the exploration of creative consensus, transparency, self-organization, open communication, cooperation, equitable practices, humanitarian and egalitarian values, engaged economics, fractal growth, participatory processes, evolutionary aesthetics, and sustainabile ways of living and learning.


Consciousness and Kids is a transdisciplinary educational approach based on individualized and creative learning that supports integral, nature-based, intuitive, co-designed, sustainable, and innovative processes.

STORIES FROM THE WELL is a compilation of stories for young children available through the Institute.


The Tetrahedron was designed as an interactive structure for peace and understanding based on the deep creative essence and wisdom at the heart of all cultures, traditions, and disciplines. It was comprised of four tetrahedral structures near Mt. Haleakala, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji, and Mt. Taranaki forming a spiraling tetrahedral template around the Pacific Rim.

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